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Resenha - The Black Widow and The Sandman

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Olá amigos!

Trago a vocês mais uma resenha em inglês, dessa vez, do livro The Black Widow and the Sandman (a Viúva Negra e o Sandman), de L. L. Reaper, duas pessoas que escrevem sob o mesmo nome de autor. É um mistério interessante, com um casal de protagonistas com muita química mas sem um romance propriamente dito. A resenha é em inglês, como o livro, porém posso adiantar que o vocabulário não é muito complexo, especialmente para quem está acostumado a seriados policiais, no estilo CSI, por exemplo - temos algumas menções a questões médicas, mas nada que mesmo que não se entenda, altere a história.

The Black Widow and the Sandman is a book written on 4 hands and it tells the story of an unlikely duo that, of course, ends up working wonderfully.

Jeanette "Black Widow" Mason and Roman "The Sandman" Tate are murderers. Contracted killers - but neither of them actually does it because they chose to, they are being blackmailed by a man known by different names, who discovered some of their dirty secrets and forced them into doing his jobs.
Now, children in Cuba are dying of a misterious disease, a terrible one, that eats up their flesh and kills them in much pain. And Jeanette, an amazingly brilliant scientist, is their best bet on finding a cure, but they can't be officially in it, so that's where both hers and Roman's gifts com in handy.

Of course, some of the book is very predictable, the couple has some awesome hot tension between them, which is really interesting to read, the villains are greedy bad people, the good guys are killers but because they love too much or think the world is all wrong and they are some sort of vigilantes. Both Black Widow and The Sandman have a soft spot for kids, which makes them work extra hard on the assignment.

But don't take me wrong - the fact that it may be predictable in some parts, doesn't make this less of an awesome book, actually, it is amazing to see the same "general" elements we see in many books tossed around and mixed, used in different ways. I have to admit that anti-heroes are my favorite kind of heroes ;)

I'm ansious to see the sequel, because we get to see so little action, Jeanette and Roman get into this fight with the villains near the end, but they are so fun to watch together that I want more of it, both of them as a couple and them as partners

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